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Law Firm Jakovljević more than 15 years together with clients improves bussiness.
We are offering a lot of types law services.
We approach every problem with equal attention and same time we are investing in solving problem.
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Advokati Čačak , Dragoljub Jakovljevic, Law firms Čačak  , lawyers Čačak

Lawyer Dragoljub Jakovljevic

Lawyer with over 15 years of professional experience. In his practice so far, he has met with various legal cases from all areas of law. He has extensive experience in the business sector as well as civil litigation. His areas of interest are civil law, inheritance law, criminal law and property relations.

Advokati Čačak , Jovana Jakovljevic,  Law firms Čačak  , lawyers Čačak

Expert associate Jovana Jakovljević

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade (2016-2020). She was awarded a scholarship by the faculty for a period of one year. She is fluent in English and knows the basics of German. Her areas of interest are civil law, intellectual property law and tax law. She is particularly interested in the economic side of law, studying innovations in the legal system, as well as new laws that regulate some new matters such as the Digital Property Act.